segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

  1. Get signed Explodingdog prints at my store Building a World.
    This week is the last chance to get many of my small prints.
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    and why does he want to be a door?
  3. 263
    Crazy Monster’s solar powered friend.
  4. 155
    Crazy Monster working on new inventions.
  5. 129
    Do you need to warm up?
  6. 663
    from the Explodingdog archives.
  7. 323
    the cold
  8. 1 597
    Grand Central Constellations, Arts for Transit
  9. 484
    The waves have not washed you away yet.
  10. 410
    you could…
  11. 96
    like 6 or 7 years ago you did a piece that was like a guy with headphones on in an underground bunker or something. i can't find it now though because i don't know the title for it, and apparently it doesn't include the word underground like i thought. know which one i mean?
    It is this one “I love this song”
    Thanks to my wife’s wonderful memory on that one.
  12. 925
  13. 399
    Explodingdog at the Daily Dot
  14. 547
    I don’t expect you to talk to me.
    (a unicorn being mean)
  15. 6
    I dont expect you to talk to me, I just wanted a goodbye...
    This will be the “two” part of the two in one.
  16. 8
    Could I get a unicorn being mean to somebody? You did one of a unicorn sometime around 2005 I believe. Could you post that one too if you can find it. Thanks! I love your style!
    I can! I am going to do it. It will be a two in one.
  17. 575
    I am going to be late picking you up.
  18. 45
    I have that say that explodingdog illustrations are my favorite, your drawings are currently the background to both my iphone and ipad. I was wondering if you could draw something for me? It's rainy outside, I'm laying in bed, and I'm feeling down but I have coffee and Im going to think positive thoughts.
    the next one is for you.
  19. 602
    nowhere to go
  20. 28
    Massive fan of your tumblr for quite sometime now, so thank you for you're amazing art! (p.s if you ever are doing requests I would like to see someone angry about being stuck in traffic but with nowhere to go anyway)
    I can do that. The next is for you.

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